What is energy healing?

WHAT is Natural Energy Healing?

It’s ancient medicine and part of the culture of most civilizations. We are made of energy (lifeforce, Chi, prana, Ki) and when our energy flow becomes stuck or stagnant, we may feel tired, sick, stuck, depressed or full of pain. This can manifest mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually and can then lead to many common many ailments and/or diseases.

During an Energy Healing session the healer will tune into your aura/energy field and focus on finding the energy blockages and helping you release them. This can lead to a clearer flow of your own natural energy and a renewed sense of vitality and enthusiasm for life. All healing is ultimately self-healing but a good Healer can help jump-start and guide this process.


Is this for me?

Energy Healing sessions may suit you (or a loved one) if you/they are: (Tick any 3)

  1. Sick and tired of being sick and tired, and now ready to change and get well again.
  2. Fed up suffering with long-term chronic physical or emotional pain.
  3. Tolerating an illness or ailment that you/they are ready to release.
  4. Constantly suffering, complaining and/or taking substances that only mask the symptoms of your underlying pain or illness.
  5. Feeling lost, stuck, confused, heartbroken or blocked in your life and want to gain clarity to help move forward with confidence into a better life.
  6. Ready for some new positive changes to your diet, lifestyle and habits.
  7. Want help to release old thoughts, beliefs programmes and trauma from your system.
  8. Willing to get to the root cause, when necessary to help yourself get well again.
  9. Ready to feel fully alive again and with a renewed sense of purpose.
  10. Want an energy boost and a kick-start towards a new you and a new life.


€90 for 30 min Trial/Mini Healing Session OR

€130 for a FULL 1 hour Healing Session

(all fees include VAT)

NOTE: All session are one-to-one online via Skype/Zoom or by phone

or Distance Healing to client’s Home/Hospital
(no face-to-face session at any clinic, only online)

Each session includes Energy Healing, Intuitive Guidance
& Nutritional Lifestyle advice as required.

An advice sheet and your bespoke individual notes
and links will be sent to you via email after the first 1hour session.

After the first session Noirin will advise you if you if the
30min or the 1 hour sessions are best for you.

Simple physical/emotional pain that happened recently in a fairly fit person may only require 30min sessions, whereas a person with deep emotional issues, that they need to talk out will do better with longer sessions.

For long term (chronic) conditions, best results are achieved following three sessions, usually one a week. After your first session, I then pencil in the same time/day each week for you, so that you can continue for the set of 3 sessions and then assess your progress. You can decide as you go along if you wish to continue and you can end the weekly session anytime.

Terms & Conditions Apply

How do I make an appointment?

Book your Energy Healing Appointment
which will later be given via Skype/Zoom or Phone.
or directed to a named loved one as a gift.

Once you get to my Online Booking system you can easily:

(1) Choose the date/s time slot that suits from my calendar

(2) pay online safely with any card,
directly via the secure systems PayPal or Stripe.

(3) Get an automatic confirmation of your booking via email.

Online Booking Available from 1st January 2021

If you:

(1) can’t find dates to suit you on the Booking System or

(2) You can’t BOOK ONLINE for any reason or

(3) You have further questions before making your decision.

Noirin will send you her standard text/email explaining everything and giving her current availability list. You then choose the appointment that suits you best. She will then confirm your appointment booking via email and send a PayPal invoice which you can safely pay online.

Stressed, anxious or in pain
and ready for change!