A few common questions…

My continuous prayer is ‘send me people I can help’ so people who find me, are drawn to me for a reason. I always do my very best to help you in any way that I can. I have had some amazing successes in the past, as you can see from the client reviews. However, there are no guarantees with anything and for the sake of clarity you should read the Disclaimer.

Since 2020, I have worked ONLINE via Skype, Zoom by phone call. I also send Healing to individuals in private homes or hospitals. All sessions are by pre-arranged and pre-paid appointments only. Contact Noirín.

You can see my availability and/or book and pay safely online, using the BOOK ONLINE button on the top of any page of my website. Or if you have any difficulty Email via the contact page and we can book you in and invoice you manually. Note all sessions must be pre-paid in advance. Using BOOK ONLINE, you can choose and book the day/time that suits you best. You can pay safely online without having a Stripe or PayPal account. Please choose the Stripe payment option, if you have an old PayPal account and forgotten your password. You can pay safely online using any bank card. Once booking is received Noirin will email you the preparation advice and Zoom link (or skype details) at least 24 hours before your appointment time.

As fees are updated from time to time please see the fees in the section on Healing. In January 2023 my 30min sessions are €90 and one-hour sessions are €130.

Clients are advised to have one Healing session per week, for a minimum of 3 weeks, but you can decide as you go along. After the third session you can judge how you are. E.g. If you are 80% better you may need one more or if 50% better then you will need perhaps 2 more sessions. I’m only happy to continue working with you as my client, as long as we are both seeing improvements in your condition. Although there are no guarantees, I’m optimistic about helping in the vast majority of cases , due to past experiences with similar issues and ailments.

For long term (chronic) conditions best results are achieved after 3 sessions, so we initially set aside the same time/day each week for you, so that you can continue for the set of 3 sessions and then judge it. Although you may feel some results like better sleep, less pain in the first few sessions, it is more likely to happen gradually. Depending upon the severity of a person’s condition and the length of time they have had it, some clients may require more than 3 sessions. These can be spaced out to once a fortnight and later once a month as required.

After that, some clients feel well again and some choose to come for an energy clean out, top-up or de-stress session once a month. Client often feel that regular aura cleansing, from the Healing sessions, leads to less tirdeness, more clarity, better sleep and additional physical vitality.

Depending upon the severity of a person’s condition and the length of time they have had it, some clients may require more than 3 sessions. These can be spaced out to once a fortnight and later once a month as required.

Once we have agreed an appointment time and method (ONLINE via Skype, Zoom or by PHONE) Noirín will send you detail of how to connect to her. She will call/connect with you as agreed at the appointment time. After a brief outline of your condition and what you hope to achieve the session starts. The session starts with gentle breathing techniques and guided visualisation to help you relax, re-connect with yourself and tune into the Healing energies.

Most illness and pain are caused by stuck energy, in my opinion. This could have been caused by trauma, an accident or other reasons. I scan your energy field and picks up information to identify the areas that need attention. By releasing the stuck energy, I help free up your system, so that it flows correctly again.

During the session, some clients may feel tingling, heat, coolness, swaying or an emotion, during the sessions. This works by connecting with your energy system and first drawing off the stagnant energy. Then I balance and repair the chakras and energy system.

I channel gentle yet powerful Healing Energy into your system, which can act like a set of jump leads to helps your body re-activates its own inbuilt healing system.

Usually, clients report a feeling of peace and relaxation. Many feel a heat or tingling in the hands/feet as the Healing energy pulsates through their bodies. Some people release emotionally as they melt some old hurt or trauma that may be subconsciously held in their system.

Some clients may feel a bit stiff or sore for up to 3 days after the Healing as the body rids itself of toxins. Resting and drinking lots of water will alleviate this gradually. Others feet as if they’re “walking on air” and most had a sense of peace, that stayed with them for a long time.

This is totally safe. As your system de-toxifies in a natural way, after the healing session/s, you may feel a little worse for a few days. This happens to some clients only. You may need to rest, drink lots of water and once the 4th day has passed your system will feel much better than before the Healing session. The more you relax, the more you allow your body to utilise the powerful Healing energy, that you have just received.

I have worked on people with almost everything you can think of particularly; anxiety, insomnia, stress, arthritis, tiredness, back pain, shoulder pain, broken bones, migraine, tumours, asthma, blood disorders, headaches, emotional hurt, anxiety, past trauma, sports injuries, cancer, MS, ME, IBS, RSI, carpal tunnel, bell’s palsy, facial paralysis, fertility issues, prostate issues, cancer, relationship breakup, feeling lost etc. Read some of the genuine Client Reviews to see the kind of results that are possible. More client reviews are shown on my Google Business Page and on my Facebook Page.

The only ailments I do not work with are psychiatric or psychological disorders such as Schizophrenia etc. (as they need professional help).

I developed a unique system over 25+ years that I call Natural Energy Healing. I developed this system following her studies of Energy, Spirituality, Psychic Ability, Nutrition, Intuitive Healing and via Spiritual Guidance. I have a passion for learning about the interaction between the mind, body and spirit. I continue exploring human potential so that this Healing system is continuously being improved.

When asked to define Healing in a few words, I describe it as a feeling of coming home to yourself, loving kindnesses, unconditional love and compassion. I’m delighted to be a channel of Natural Energy Healing. It comes through me, not from me. It comes from what we call Source or Higher Power. Each client can ask their Guides/Source to help them during the session. I tune into the frequency of Source or Loving kindness (like a radio station) and then I receive and transmit Healing energy to the client.

No. You do NOT have to believe in it for it to work. Dogs, cats, and babies have gotten well, despite having no faith in it. It is not dependent on any particular religion or belief system. I have treated people from most major religions and none. I’m not religious, just Spiritual as I believe that we are Spirit , temporarily housed in physical bodies, for 100 years or so. A lot of clients come to me via ‘word of mouth’, meaning that when clients feel the benefits of Healing, they tell their friends and family how good it is. I really appreciate that, as it helps new clients have more confidence in my ability to help them. An example of a sceptical person was Aileen Murphy from Bray, Co. Wicklow, who suffered severe back pain for 5 years wrote, Prior to this I hadn’t any interest in energy healing. I would never have believed it was possible but now I am an absolute convert. I have never felt as well as I do now. The pain has gone after just one session.

It is a very natural process and will not interfere with any medication. If/when people start to feel that they are improving, their need for optional medications like (anti-inflammatory, painkillers etc.) may reduce, they might go back to their doctor and ask for more tests if required, as their doctor is the only one who can reduce medication.