lower left back pain,back pain during pregnancy,lower back,lower back and hip pain on one side,lower back pain relief,lower back pain treatment“Lower Back Pain” & “Sciatica”

One of the most common types of pain my clients present with is lower back pain. Specifically, sciatica, or trapped nerve/s. This shows up as sharp lower back pain and often radiates down one or both legs. It can feel like a hot knife being shoved into the painful area when you sit stand or walk. Your legs /feet may feel weak or numb. They can feel unpleasantly hot, tingling or have sensations like pins and needles.


What is sciatica?

It is a pinched or compressed nerve in the back and can be linked to a slipped or herniated disk.

sciatic nerve,immediate relief for sciatica pain,sciatic nerve pain,sciatic nerve pain relief,sciatica pain,sciatica pain relief,sciatica pain treatment,sciatica relief,sciatica relief in 8 minutes,sciatica treatmentWhat causes sciatic or trapped nerve to happen?

The following risk factors are associated with it;

  • lifting heavy objects awkwardly, so manual lifting techniques should perhaps be taught at work or from a young age.
  • bending in an awkward way and putting a disk out (out of place) so the nerve gets pinched between the vertebrae.
  • weight lifting or other gym exercises without expert guidance from a trained coach.
  • being overweight or obese, can put more pressure on the nerves and muscles as we move about or bend and twist.
  • the nicotine in tobacco can damage spinal tissue, weaken bones, and speed the wearing down of vertebrae and disks.
  • sitting for long periods of time without moving about, especially in a chair which allows bad posture such as leaning back or forwards.
  • an old injury such as whiplash, fall from heights or other accidental damage can leave a weakness or vulnerability.
  • wearing down of bone disks and ligaments due to age, heavy manual work, poor diet and lifestyle etc.
  • poor movements or exercises that stress the lower back etc. like raising your leg/s straight up while being flat on your back


In my experience some people do some exercises that put unnecessary pressure on the lower back. One of the exercises, I ask my client to re-consider is the one where they are lying on their back on a mat and lift their feet upwards together or even singly, with legs outstretched. This puts extreme pressure on the lower back. It is the opposite to what you want to happen, in cases of lower back pain especially pinched nerves.

What exercises are best for lower back pain relief?

lower-back-exercises, back pain relief, lower right back pain, pinched nerve in lower back, severe lower back painThe exercises I like for lower back issues are;

  • lie on a yoga mat or carpet on the ground (not on a bed) on your back and then walk the legs back towards the bum so that the knees are bent. Then reach the arms forward and pull the knees and legs into the chest gently. Then rock gentle from side to side and imagine that you are slowly travelling down towards the tailbone as you rock along.
  • when sleeping, lie on the side that is not sore or least sore (sciatica often flows down one leg/side rather than both). Then make the lower leg fairly straight, then bend the top leg up and over the lower leg. Often placing the hands arms across the chest and holding each shoulder is an easy relief at the same time as it also opens up the spinal area so the energy and flow can happen more easily.

Other exercises I like for lower back pain treatment

  • The cat-like upward stretch is also good. You go on hands and knees facing downwards on a mat/carpet. Then you stretch/arch your back upwards like a cat stretching. Slowly keeping the back up high, you gently start to move back. As if trying to connect your bum/tailbone with your heels. You rock slowly but intently forward and back with back still arched upwards and head facing downwards with chin in chest.
  • The spinal column should be aligned vertebra on top of vertebrae like stacking bricks. To improve your posture, just imagine you’re being pulled up through a string at the top of your head. So you’re getting taller with each in breath. On the out breath let everything hanging off the main power current (the spine) like arms legs etc relax downwards so muscles can relax and let go of any tightness or tension.
  • Tuck in the tailbone while sitting down, washing dishes or standing at a bus stop etc. This is called a pelvic tilt and you can do it discreetly in public or more openly at home. We all have a (mini tail) tailbone that points outwards from our lower back. When we bend our knees, tuck our tailbone in, tighten our buttocks and pull our belly button back and up, we are lengthening the spine naturally and strengthening our muscles. This makes lots of space in the lower back area, between each vertebra, so that any pinched nerves can get back to where they should be.


Noirin Callanan – Energy Healer for Sciatica & Pain in Lower Back

My experience working with lower back pain

Noirin HealerOver the past 26 years, I have worked with hundreds of clients who suffered with persistent back pain, sciatica, migraine, sports injuries and other long-term pain. Many have had extraordinary results, that you can read about on the client reviews page of this website – click here.

You can then book a session, see my availability or contact me to find out more.  If you are in persistent long-term pain and have not found a solution, perhaps have a look at my website. Consider allowing me to do my best to help you too.



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