Have you considered Energy Healing as a solution to your anxiety, chronic pain or tiredness?

During an Energy Healing session, I will tune into your energy field and focus on: finding the energy blockages and helping you release them. This can lead to a clearer flow of your own natural energy and a renewed sense of vitality and enthusiasm for life.

  • Each session includes Energy Healing, Intuitive Guidance & Nutritional Lifestyle advice as required.
  • Ideally the first session is one hour and after the first session, I will advise you if the 30min or the 1hour sessions are best for you. A minimum of three session is advised to give it a chance to work.

Amazing testimonials below – please scroll down to read them.


Noirin Callanan – Natural Energy Healer & Intuitive Life Guide

My name is Noirin and I’m passionate about helping people get well again. I help my clients to get to the root cause of their long-term pain and address it. We all know how chronic pain (whether physical or emotional) or illness, can detrimentally affect our lives and the lives of our loved ones, who helplessly watch us suffering, day after day. After almost thirty years of experience, I’ve helped thousands of people feel great again and I’ll do my best to help you also.

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Anxiety, back pain, stress, chronic fatigue, poor digestion, headaches, migraine, fertility, frozen shoulder, sports injuries, etc. are some of the conditions that I deal with on a regular basis.


Frozen shoulder, chronic shoulder pain, neck pain, sports injuries, repetitive strain injury (RSI), stiffness, weakness, tingling


Tired all the time, de-motivated, no energy, chronic fatigue, listless, no enthusiasm, feeling lost, anxiety.


Chronic back pain, sciatica, stiffness, slipped disk, inflammation, arthritis, pain flowing down to knee or foot.


Migraine, long-term Headaches, pain in back or side of head, sinus pain, blurred vision.


Neck pain, stiffness, creaking joints


Upset stomach, IBS, digestive issues, fertility, heavy periods, hot flushes, constipation, liver, gall bladder, pancreatic issues.

Read Some Recent Reviews Here

“As a Physical Therapist and senior lecturer at the Institute of Physical Therapy and Applied Science I have experienced many forms of Therapy and met many Therapists. However, when I met Noirin Callanan, a Natural Energy Healer.  I was fascinated by her ability and work. I attended Noirin for treatment and was amazed that she was able to identify areas of my body that were causing me some problems without placing a hand on me. Throughout my sessions Noirin placed her hands on these areas of my body that were in trouble.  I noticed that heat would intensify in these regions leading to a decrease in discomfort over the following days. Indeed a very gifted individual.”

Stephen Fallon MIAPT Physical Therapist at the Harbour Clinic, Dun Laoghaire, 2005

“I can highly recommend Noirin! I had met her a few years ago through a recommendation, but last year, I needed urgent help for something that was quite frightening at the time (alopecia areata). As we could not find a time for an appointment in person, Noirin suggested a skype call. I was very sceptical that Energy healing could work via this technology. However, I can absolutely say it did work. I don’t know how she did it, but she opened up my flood gates, and brought out all the grief that I had been bottling up for 2 years. Through the healing session, she got to the root cause. Of course, I tried other things as well at the time, but whether it was Noirin who helped get my hair to grow back or not is less important, more important to me is that I got to the root cause and that I got a connection to my father back. I can’t thank Noirin enough for that.”

Posted in Facebook reviews, Ilona Doufrain Madden, July 2020

“I was diagnosed with acute necrotizing pancreatitis last July and was admitted to hospital where I spent 3 months. I was very sick and completely lost my appetite, I was malnourished and lost a lot of weight and found it extremely hard to get up during the day, my sister recommended that I contact Noirin. Noirin kindly offered to Skype call me where she talked through my whole illness and advised me on tips and tricks that would make my recovery easier. In particular she helped me control my awful pains through meditation and after all her Skype calls, I always felt better and my family would notice that I perked up. I am very grateful for Noirin kindness and help and am delighted to say that although it was a long road, that nearly a year later I have made a full recovery. Thanks again Noirin for all your help and encouragement.”

Marie H., July 2020

“I highly recommend energy healing with Noirin Callanan. Both me and my teenage daughter have benefited greatly from it. Her sessions brought peace to my daughter who went through a difficult bereavement. The teenage years can be a struggle in general and I feel a couple of sessions with Noirin can be a much-needed grounding experience during that time. Her sessions for me brought a sense of balance and a feeling of rejuvenation, clearing stuck energy, allowing more flow and blessings into my life.”

Jenny Conroy, Facebook, 20 July 2019

“I have been a regular client of Noirin’s for several years. Noirin is a professional providing a unique, practical and solution focused approach. She is a great listener and has an innate ability to address your problems efficiently so that by the end of the session with Noirin you feel restored energetically, spiritually, physically and mentally. I moved to Sydney 4 years ago and I have continued my sessions with Noirin via Skype. I find the Skype sessions just as powerful and effective as the face to face appointments. Noirin’s skills and healing expertise transcend fluidly online and I am so grateful to modern technology which allows me to connect with Noirin. I would recommend for everyone to visit Noirin as you would be hard pressed to find a more accomplished and proficient professional.”

Sarah, Lawyer, Sydney, Australia

“I was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease back in 2013. At that stage I had bad hearing in one ear. Other symptoms were tinnitus- ringing in the ears. I later that year started getting vertigo attacks, which were awful. I was so sick when the vertigo attacks happened that I would have to spend days in bed at times. But since then my hearing has deteriorated a lot and I was prescribed medication and hearing aids in 2013. But in the last year the hearing level was switching from ear to ear. The vertigo attacks when they happen are the worst as I was totally out of it, the Tinnitus was there all the time but I had learned to live with it.  I have had three Skype healing sessions with Noirin and I feel wonderful after them. My hearing has improved so much, I can hear the TV and do not have to use the subtitles at all times which I used to do. I was going through a very bad spell just before I had the Skype Healing sessions with Noirin, I was having terrible attacks of vertigo and was violently ill.  I have not had any vertigo attacks since my healing sessions and feel so good. Before this I was afraid to leave the house without my phone in case of an attack, now I go for a lovely long walk every day and have got my confidence back. I am losing that terrible fear of getting a vertigo attack. The Skype healing sessions with Noirin have given be a new lease of life, and I am truly grateful to her for this.”

Bernie Spellman, Retired Civil Servant

Hi Noirin, just wanted to send you a quick message before i head to bed. Oran has showed improvement today. More settled while sleeping and even slept soundly enough for me to make dinner and have some play time with my other kids xx. Still struggling with constipation but passing wind more freely. I’m looking forward to tomorrow to see what changes that brings. Also no tears today so thank you for all you’re doing to help us as a family xx. Greatly appreciated.

Annette & Oran

I came to see Noirin because I was really suffering with Interstitial Cystitis which is a chronic condition of the bladder. I was in constant pain and discomfort. After my healing sessions with Noirin, my quality of life has completely changed.  She has worked a miracle. My pelvic pain has disappeared and I’m feeling so much better. As well as healing me, Noirin has given my great nutritional and dietary advice which has helped me enormously. I would highly recommend a visit to Noirin if you are suffering in any way.”


“Just finished healing session with Noireen for chronic back pain. Amazing results. I couldn’t get out of a chair and now it’s gone!!!! Such a good kind woman who completely puts you at ease.”

Sile Keogh, via Facebook

“I took my 3-year-old daughter to see Noirin in early 2019. We did 3 sessions with Noirin and the results were truly remarkable. Her behaviour has improved and she is much calmer now. I would highly recommend Noirin, she is a wonderful healer. Thank you so much, Noirin!!”


“I had an extreme case of vertigo-I walked into Noirin’s waiting room barely able to read the business cards on the wall and after my session could say that within a few days I felt 80% better.  Noirin not only assisted me recover from vertigo, but also helped me in other ways I didn’t expect, with advice I took on board and which has hugely helped my health and wellbeing! If in doubt go! Noirin has a gift which is undeniable! She is also very caring, straight talking, fun and funny! A beautiful spirit! A treat and a pleasure to have met and experienced first-hand.”

LMCA, Dublin

“Well she’s done it again! Noreen Callanan is a miracle worker! I have an old whiplash injury. After it happened and myself and Paul lived in London, on two occasions we had to call an ambulance as I physically could not sit up the pain was immeasurable. On Saturday this happened to me again but instead of an ambulance I called Noreen. Something that in the past would have taken me two weeks to get to this level of healing has taken two days.”

Allie O’Shea, Facebook, 2016

“Noirin is a straight talker.  She gave me very definite advice and her healing was felt almost immediately. She gave great advice on food eliminations for gastro problem.”

Susie Scully, Facebook review

“I had the pleasure of meeting Noirin at her Natural Healing workshop yesterday. I was completely overwhelmed by her ability to touch each person in the room with her amazing gift. (so much so I unexpectedly cried) Noirin explained how she uses her gift with such humorous stories (she’s very funny). Really enjoyed this workshop will definitely be booking a one to one session.”

Aishling Fox, Facebook post

“Treat yourself and book a session with Noirin, she is amazing you will leave feeling energised you will also have a better understanding of your personal issues. Noirin also gives great advice and lifestyle tips enjoy.

Laura O’Flaherty, Facebook post

“Thank you so much for your healing session yesterday, even though that it was a “mini session” because I didn’t have much time…it switched my energy and feelings altogether. I came to terms with the realisation about an old trauma affecting my behaviour. I felt very emotional and grateful after your healing session… and I was proactive the rest of the day. Thank you, you are a gem.”

Elena R. Facebook post

“My daughter who is an elite athlete went to Noreen with a foot injury and I have a smiling happy athlete again thanks to Noreen! Can’t recommend her highly enough. Thankyou Noreen.”

Josephine T, Facebook, January 2019

“I don’t normally write reviews but I can honestly say since my visits with yourself my back has been amazing and the advice you have me has worked a treat the whole family has reaped the benefits. Thanks a million.”

Mags LG, Facebook post

“Noirin. I meant to message you sooner to thank you after my few visits which were very successful. My gastro problem improved very quickly after your advice about eliminations of certain foods.  I took onboard your other advice and taking on other people’s dramas and problems and I have to say you were right. Thank You and keep up the good work!”

Susie S, Facebook message, January 2019

“I want to thank you so much for the amazing healing you gave our son Harry (now 8 wks). Thankfully with your healing sessions those early signs of colic/reflux never fully developed. The crying on, and after the bottles, cramps and throwing up didn’t continue from that first phone call when you sent distance healing. Harry also became very alert and focused after his first visit and is enjoying the comments from people who can’t believe how good his skin now is.  After once suffering with serious back pain myself and seeing a healer who got me back to work and feeling great again and experienced first hand with you for a shoulder pain, I know that the work you do is 100% real and genuine. I will continue to spread the word and highly recommend you to anyway who needs help.”

Clive Byrne, 5* Facebook review, July 2018

“Broke my ankle 3 weeks ago. Was in a cast for 12 days then in a boot and crutches. Doctors last week were debating whether to put in a plate. Noirin came to my house on Sunday and did some healing on my ankle.  I could feel a cool air on it which was weird as it was so swollen. Yesterday I looked at it and the swelling was gone down. But most shocking was the X-ray today that showed the bone has knitted together and I can now walk without crutches. Still have boot on for 3 more weeks but even the docs couldn’t get over the improvement.”

S. Keogh, Killiney, Co. Dublin, July 2015

“Noirin you truly are a wonderful healer, many Thanks to you for the healing I have received.”

Adrienne C. on Facebook review

I highly recommend energy healing with Noirin Callanan. Both me and my teenage daughter have benefited greatly from it. Her sessions brought peace to my daughter who went through a difficult bereavement.  The teenage years can be a struggle in general and I feel a couple of sessions with Noirin can be a much-needed grounding experience during that time. Her sessions for me brought a sense of balance and a feeling of rejuvenation, clearing stuck energy, allowing more flow and blessings into my life. “

Jenny Conroy, Facebook post

“I came to see Noirin in November 2017 because I had constant migraine headaches. I had these headaches for over 6 months with limited relief.  After one sessions the frequency decreased and after 3 sessions they have disappeared. Noirin is an intuitive healer and I would highly recommend her for any problems.”

M. Sweeney, Civil Servant

“My healing session was amazing. You picked up on so much. And today I am walking so much better.”

Pat Cole
Comment on Facebook the day after she had a min-Healing session (20 mins) with Noirin

“Hi Noirin, I just wanted to tell you that I had the best night’s sleep last night in months …in fact I had my only night’s sleep in months. The amount of extra pain-free movement I have today is extraordinary. I didn’t really expect it to work so fast. (It was her 1st session) I can’t express my gratitude enough.”

Martina K.

“It is with great appreciation that I write this testimonial in regard to Noirin. I found Noirin to be a very gentle and pure soul. When I first met her, I felt at ease straight away. She has tremendous healing powers. It is with great joy that I can say it has changed my life. I have found inner peace and a sense of calmness and cool since meeting her. I would highly recommend Noirin as a healer.”

Roxana, Dublin 8

“I have suffered with Crohn’s for 6 years and have had suffered from flare ups regularly. Noirin’s sessions and advice have really helped me turn a corner and feel better after the worst flare up. The healing sessions and nutritional advice have been a real benefit to feeling better.”

Dylan Nolan

“During the healing process with you I can remember feeling certain sensations such as tingling and particularly after the first session feeling very light afterwards. I believe it has helped my condition in that certainly I don’t feel as bad as I did before. I found you to be straight forward during the sessions which I liked. Thank you again for your service and yes I would like to be included in mailing list you mentioned.”

RH, Dublin – March 2013

“…Then I did some Healing sessions with Noirin and the pain went almost immediately. I couldn’t believe how effective it was.

With Noirin’s help, he has really come out of himself and become a much happier and expressive child. I have been really amazed at the change. After just two visits, there was a significant improvement and the condition cleared up completely.”

Kathleen and her young son, Leopardstown, Co. Dublin

“While I was going to see you, you were able to induce a state of calm, which I had not had for quite a while.  I am glad of the experience.  I liked a lot how you placed emphasis on the small choices we need to make: how they open up possibilities.  Thanks very much.”

Patrick M, Writer, Dublin

“Went to the fabulous Noirin yesterday for back and shoulder pain but I had a massive bruise in the seating area where I backed into something but I asked her to guess where it was… Of course, she knew from 2 seconds scanning…. Genius. The back is much better already!!!”

Sile Keogh, Facebook post

“I had a painful hip for over a month which seemed to be worse at night and interrupted my sleep several times each night.  I had one session with Noirin, after which I had my best night sleep in a month.  The pain is now gone.  I found the treatment gentle and was surprised by the results.  Noirin was warm and professional.”

Mary O’Callaghan, Dublin 4

“Thanks Noirin.  You did amazing work with amazing results.  Highly recommend Noirin.  You just need to trust her.  Go for it and see for yourself.  

Hi Noirin.  I came to you with chronic pain in my left shoulder and arm from an injury I had 30 years ago.  I was also struggling with pain in my right neck, shoulders and right arm.  We had 3 sessions and after the third the pain on my right began to ease and within 2 weeks was 80% improved!”

Martina Y.  (via Facebook), November 2016

“I was a total sceptic to healing but knew I needed some help. Noirin somehow managed to take away my emotional pain and gave me some much needed gumption. I can’t believe the difference. She is amazing. I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone.”

CF, Wicklow

“Usually I’m very tired after my session with you, tired but very relaxed. I have been sleeping for 7 hours per night since my last session with you. I haven’t done that since I was in my twenties. It’s wonderful, thank you.”

Eleanor, Blackrock, Dublin

“I am very grateful for Noirin’s sessions. I attended 3 sessions with her due to extreme anxiety and chest pain I was dealing with. Prior to this, I attended many different GPs, Counsellors, Mindfulness Professionals. She found deeper rooted problems that I was not even aware of. As a result, I no longer suffer from the excruciating chest pain I dealt with for almost 4 years. I can’t recommend Noirin enough.”

Katie M., Student

“I went to Noirin following two knee surgeries.  I did not know what to expect and was skeptical as to how she could help improve my knee that needed surgery.  However, I was shocked with the results.  My knee felt far more stable and within three days following my session I was far less reliant on my crutches and eventually didn’t need them at all.”

Rachel P., South County Dublin

“In December 2015 just a few weeks before Christmas I developed a lump in my throat, it felt like I had a gob stopper stuck but I couldn’t cough it up no matter how I tried. It became so uncomfortable and I became so obsessed with it that the more I thought of it the more pronounced it became. I was convinced it was something sinister and ended up seeing my GP about it. He assured me that it was a symptom of anxiety and was nothing to worry about. I thought the reassurance would relieve the sensation but it didn’t. My friend who is a yoga teacher suggested I see Noirin as she felt it might be a blocked chakra. So I went to see Noirin and she immediately picked up that I had a blockage and gently worked on clearing the blockages. I felt like a weight had lifted. The lump sensation had gone and I felt better than I had in years. I booked another two sessions in January and was so impressed with the results I recommended her to several friends who also got tremendous results from Noirin. I can’t recommend Noirin highly enough. She is fantastic.”

Caroline M., Dublin 14

“In 2016 I got diagnosed with shingles.  The nerves on my face were affected and caused extreme pain.  I was prescribed strong antiviral medication along with heavy pain killers.  By the fifth day the nerve pain was so bad I called Noirin to see if she could help.  She was booked out but offered to stay late to see me.  I was in so much pain I could not drive, so my friend gave me a lift.  When I left an hour later, my friend who picked me up said, she’d never seen anything like the transformation from the time I went in.  I left there completely pain free!

Whatever Noirin did, she managed to take away the nerve pain and speed up my recovery significantly. I would highly recommend Noirin and I go to her every couple of months to keep my mind and body in balance. Thank you Noirin for all you’ve done for me.”

Carol V., Dundrum, Dublin 14

“When I first visited Noirin I suffered terribly with anxiety and panic attacks.  I was overweight and was low in confidence.  After my 3 sessions with Noirin I am feeling confident again, have lost over half a stone in 2 weeks and I now have my panic attacks under control.  She has taught me so much about myself and is helping me reach my goal weight.  She has incredible healing powers, she is truly gifted.  I can’t believe I feel this happy again after just 3 sessions.  Thank you, Noirin.”

Anne Murphy, Wicklow Town

“My young son experienced silent reflux symptoms from 2 weeks of age which led to great discomfort for him after feeding and during sleep. At three months of age and after exhausting medical interventions, we attended three sessions with Noirin. Even after the first session I noticed an improvement. Reflux symptoms completely disappeared following the third treatment. He’s now thriving.  Noirin cares about helping people and is enormously knowledgeable, helpful and gifted in doing so. Thank you Noirin :)”

Sarah Jane, Dublin

“When I first saw Noirin I was full of anxieties, lethargic and disillusioned with life. I had tried therapy sessions with various psychotherapists but none had a significant effect. From my first session with Noirin my stress levels lessened, my anxiety is under control and people have commented that there is now a brightness in my eyes and a spring in my step.

I genuinely did not believe it was possible for me to feel this happy in life!

I am eternally grateful to Noirin for all her help, guidance and support. I would recommend any person who is going through any physical or emotional illness to contact Noirin, you will not regret it.”

SF, Solicitor, Dublin 2

“I highly recommend Noirin who came highly recommend to me from someone. I attended not sure what to expect, maybe Reiki. Wow so much more. Lower Back pain eased / nearly gone straight away, I feel better and lighter emotionally already and only two sessions.”

Triona Sheeran via facebook

“Over a year and a half ago I started having excruciating pain in my hip and down my leg into my foot, a year later went to a neurosurgeon, a week after that visit I had spine surgery! Three weeks later my neck and back were unbelievably painful- it was a 12 OUTTA 10 kinda pain! Even changing gears in my car or pulling the handbrake were agony that day! I went in to my appointment with Noirin in Dublin and came out feeling much better! When I changed gears it didn’t hurt like when I was driving in, I knew something had happened for the better! My back, neck and leg showed me an improvement in pain of up to 95%! I was ecstatic.”

Allie O’Shea, Bray, Co. Wicklow (9 May 2015)
Went on to train with Noirin as a Natural Energy Healer one year later!

“It had been my third operation to treat internal abscesses and, after the last operation the healing process was not going according to plan. As they lay open the abscess, it has to heal internally and the wound in this case was not closing over. It was making walking and daily life activities extremely difficult. I was in a state of despair.

Noirin sat me down, asked me a couple of questions, not too intrusive and then the healing begun. At the point of initial body scanning I was swaying all over the place like a tree in a storm, not steady on my feet at all. 

Noirin was able to quickly detect the place of the physical problem but also referred to some deep rooted emotional scarring which I knew would take more than one session to heal. Like a mental physician, she helped me work on visualising tending to my own wound, bathing and dressing the wound and breathing wellbeing and light in to that area. 

We also did some work of dealing with past hurts. Although overwhelming it was also emancipating and the next day I felt I could walk on air. I literally skipped through the area. On returning home, my mum was anxious to look at the wound but when she undressed it she could see it had nearly healed over. I did feel very blessed and stuck to Noirin’s advices to visit her 4 more times over the next 4 weekends. 

I feel truly thankful to Noirin for all she did for me, not only in treating the immediate problem but, also in helping me let go of some deep seated issues and pain I had been carrying for years. 

I have been able to move forward in so many aspects of my life and, without her I truly feel this may not have been possible. She helped me breathe life and happiness back in to my soul. That is priceless and I owe so much to her.”

KV, Holywood, Co. Down, Northern Ireland

“Both of us were very impressed with Noirin’s healing powers. I had a very painful arm and now am pain free. We think she is fantastic.”

Elizabeth & Michael, Donard, Co. Wicklow

“An hour later I left with what I can only describe as a sense of euphoria. By the second session the pains were starting to diminish slowly but steadily. With an open mind and working with natural healing, anything and everything is possible.”

Sandy Dawson, former Bray resident, now living in New York, USA.  As featured in Woman’s Way, 25 October 1996

“Noirin first asked me to stand straight so that she could work on my spine. As she began I felt a sense of peace. I was no longer aware of the pain in my back.”

Anne O’Curry, Reporter.  Article in Woman’s Way, 25 October 1996

“After two visits, Cathy from Bray saw a significant improvement in her son and now the condition has cleared up completely. We have no problem at all now.”

Cathy Doyle, Bray – as featured in The Evening Herald, 7 November 2000

“Amy is like a new girl and she hasn’t had a migraine since June.”

Joy and daughter, Amy Vickers, interviewed for The Evening Herald, 7 November 2000

“I had an overwhelming feeling of peace and love, and the pain went completely. I walked out of that session and never looked back. I don’t have to wear that surgical corset anymore and my life has fallen into place.”

Marie Green, Bray

“I’ve had several sessions with Noirin and found her to be insightful and gifted. She has an exceptional ability to connect intuitively to provide information, messages and healing. Each time we’ve worked together, I’ve experienced a deep transformation and healing.

Even from a distance, she is able to tune in and offer timely and appropriate suggestions for clearing away energy blocks and moving my life forward.”

Julie Wise, Canada Author of Dream BIGGER: Reclaiming a Life of Joy and Ease

“Amazing how your treatments work. When I hear people complaining about chronic disease, traumas, fears, or unusual stuff that block them, I see how stuck they are. Most people are thinking they just have to live with it, or that it’s just aging. People expect so little from life… I’m glad I don’t! I realize now how much your treatments, especially past-life regressions, have contributed to get rid of so much crap in my life, which makes me feel able to do anything and get anywhere.

I’ve enjoyed so much all treatments, they were so exciting, unpredictable, and made me feel very different afterwards, amazing!”

Paloma, Dublin.  November 2013

“During the healing process with you I can remember feeling certain sensations such as tingling and particularly after the first session feeling very light afterwards. I believe it has helped my condition in that certainly I don’t feel as bad as I did before. I found you to be straight forward during the sessions which I liked. Thank you again for your service and yes I would like to be included in mailing list you mentioned.”

RH, Dublin – March 2013

“…Then I did some Healing sessions with Noirin and the pain went almost immediately. I couldn’t believe how effective it was.

With Noirin’s help, he has really come out of himself and become a much happier and expressive child. I have been really amazed at the change. After just two visits, there was a significant improvement and the condition cleared up completely.”

Kathleen and her young son, Leopardstown, Co. Dublin

“I have never felt as well as I do now. The pain has gone after just one session. Prior to this I hadn’t any interest in energy healing. I would never have believed it was possible but now I am an absolute convert.”

Aileen Murphy, Bray, Co. Wicklow

“Before the session I was in very bad pain and could not walk without help The pain was completely gone as soon as Noirin finished the session.”

Aileen Murphy, Bray, Co. Wicklow

“Almost immediately there was a major improvement in my condition and I felt full of energy. It was really amazing. The problem had been going on for a year, but since going to see Noirin I’ve had no pains since. She has done me a lot of good.”

Bernie Conway, Co. Wicklow