pain-is-your-friend“Pain is your friend so why kill it!”

Pain is your friend and it’s often giving you a message that is hard to take. It’s like a close friend saying “hey buddy, you know you are hurting yourself with that toxic substance, behaviour or person.” They, and it, are both trying to stop you from harming yourself further. When that close friend encourages you to stop doing harming yourself, you don’t try to kill them, so why would you try to kill your friend the pain, by taking pain-killers.

The word pain-killer is a misnomer, as it doesn’t actually “kill” the pain at all

One of the worst things we can do is take a painkiller and try to cover up or ignore the damage we have already done. The word pain-killer is a misnomer, as it doesn’t actually “kill” the pain at all. Your cells that are damaged or hurt, are still screaming in agony, but the painkiller will at best, just numb your brain and nerve endings, so that the pain message/s will not reach the brain.

Painkillers Solve Nothing In The Long Term

painkillers-solve-nothingYou tell your brain, don’t listen to the screaming just ignore it! This is similar to seeing a warning light on the dashboard of your car while driving, taking out a pain-killer (for example a hammer) and smashing the little red warning light. Or hearing your child, pet or loved one scream for help and putting your hands over your ears so you won’t continue to hear it. Painkillers solve nothing in the long term and can cause further injury, by allowing you continue the damaging behaviour.

You Need To Be Able To Estimate How Much Pain You Are Actually In

It doesn’t make sense to take painkiller as you need to be able to estimate, how much pain you are actually in. I heard of one parent who kept giving her son painkillers for a “tummy ache” which later turned out to be a bursting appendix. If she had not given painkillers, she would have been forced to bring the child to the hospital sooner as the real level of pain became obvious.

What’s hurting me, how did it happen and how can I stop it happening again?

What, no painkillers? A friend was shocked while visiting recently, when she asked where my painkillers were for her headache. She was stunned to hear that I don’t own any painkillers. If I get a pain, I start to look for the root cause and ask what is my system trying to tell me. I ask myself, what’s hurting me, how did it happen and how can I stop it happening again?

Look At The Root Causes Of Your Pain

root-causeThe general use of painkillers doesn’t make sense to me, particularly as the listed side effects include constipation, nausea, vomiting, sedation, drowsiness, or cloudy thinking, shallow breathing, indigestion, stomach pain, gastritis, bleeding stomach or bowel, ulcers, etc.

Instead, I believe that we should look at the root causes. If you have had an accident and have a sore back or leg, it could be bruised, strained, broken, fractured etc. You could have internal bleeding or serious damage. If you take painkiller and numb the message to your brain, you are not aware of how much damage you have suffered. You may then inadvertently damage the area further by working, moving, walking, running, bending.
If you have a sudden acute pain, perhaps think hard before you use painkillers. Ask yourself what could have caused this and consult your doctor if it continues or becomes severe.

Noirin Callanan – Energy Healer for Sciatica & Pain in Lower Back

My experience working with lower back pain

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